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Connecting the world Through Innovation 


IWB serves as the bridge and local partner to Israel's innovation and tech ecosystem for economic, innovation & scientific representatives from International Embassies in Israel.

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About IWB

Innovation Without Borders

About CEO


Liron Attias

IWB diplomatic forum was established in 2017 and serves as a local partner for the diplomatic representatives responsible for the economic, scientific and innovation relations between their respective countries and Israel.

IWB empowers them to establish strong networks with the local ecosystem, better understand Israeli innovation methods & explore partnership opportunities.

Our community continues to grow with 160 members representing over 50 countries.

With a robust background spanning more than 15 years across both public and business sectors, Liron Attias is a driving force within Israel's innovation landscape. Armed with a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, complemented by an MA in Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Liron's passion for innovation and global collaboration shines through. Her expertise lies in cultivating groundbreaking opportunities and forging partnerships that mutually benefit diplomatic and tech realms alike.
Liron's skill set encompasses strategic go-to-market planning, innovative business model development, and adept facilitation of high-level delegations. Her overarching goal is to strengthen global connections and propel progress through innovation, with Israel at the forefront.
As CEO of Innovation Without Borders (IWB), Liron leads initiatives that transcend boundaries, collaborating with public sectors, corporates, and industries worldwide to pioneer innovative solutions. Her leadership extends to strategic collaborations, investments, and open innovation endeavors, all geared toward enhancing Israel's standing in the dynamic innovation ecosystem.

IWB Model

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Mission Innovation

An innovation bootcamp for European diplomats based in Israel, designed to provide an immersive deep dive into the Israeli tech environment.

IWB showcase

Online course: sign up to our exclusive online course, designed to equip you with the insights and tools needed to navigate the dynamic Israeli tech and innovation landscapes.

Strategic partnerships: discover collaborative opportunities by joining us in co-hosting events and delegations, fostering meaningful connections across the diplomatic and Israeli ecosystem Communities.

Working with the best 

IWB is working alongside leading Israeli tech and innovation ecosystem entities 

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