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IWB is the bridge and local partner to the Israeli innovation & tech ecosystem for international representatives

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About IWB

Working closely with governments and enterprises, leading the strategic planning and execution of the partnership and penetration to the Israeli business and innovation ecosystem.

Global keynote speaking on Open Innovation and Private-Public Cooperation.

Diplomatic Forum:

Established in 2017 in Tel Aviv, IWB Diplomatic Forum is an independent international organization for public-private cooperation that bridges the Israeli innovation ecosystem for the international community of innovation managers from over 50 embassies based in Israel, who leads the economic and innovation relations between the countries.

IWB creates a functional networking system between members, connecting them to the local innovation ecosystem, exposing them to Israeli methodologies of innovation, and creating partnerships and business opportunities with governments and industries worldwide to co-design and execute new innovative approaches and solutions.

Consulting & Investment Arm:

We act as the local representative and venture partner for the business and innovation departments of global corporations, governments, and holding companies by leading the penetration to the vibrant Israeli innovation ecosystem.

We establish partnerships, identify needs, and foster business and investment opportunities by leveraging our relationships with leading innovation and technology stakeholders: VCs, Accelerators & Incubators, Startups, Universities (TTO), R&D Centres, Government Entities, and more.

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IWB Advisory Board members are executives from the leading Israeli tech and innovation ecosystem entities:

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